Calendar (Upcoming Releases)

July 23-25 // Small Shops for a Cause 
Designers Choice: rainbow pillows and wall hangings

July 30-August 1 // Travesia with Intent
Back to School: scrunchies

August 6-8 // Small Shops for a Cause
Back to School: Astrid bows

August 14 // PDX Moon Market
11am - 4pm, 914 NW Everett St

August 14 // Wild Roots Handmade Market
One of a Kind: Hedgehogs

August 20-22 // Small Shops for a Cause
Fright Night: Lion bonnets

September 3-5 // Small Shops for a Cause
Social Change: Rainbow bonnets and beanies

September 12 // Wild Roots Handmade Market
Retro/Vintage: TBD

Septemeber 24-26 // Small Shops for a Cause
Monochrome: Kate beanies